What Does Case Class Cr Mean?

What does CR mean after jail?

Conditional releasesConditional release generally follows the same protocol for paroled prisoners.

A paroled prisoner actually serves his or her time and leaves incarceration under supervision by a parole officer.

Conditional releases are also supervised and are considered ‘free’ when the minimum sentence expires..

What does CR mean in court cases?

CR in a case number means it is a criminal case.

What does CR mean in probation?

90 days in lieuSee my previous answer. Basically, CRS is for superior court and CR is for criminal district court. If he got a 90 day CRV, he had a probation violation and was sentenced to 90 days in lieu of revocation or some other punishment… 0 found this answer helpful helpful votes | 1 lawyer agrees. Helpful Unhelpful.

What does Case type CT mean?

CT. Criminal Traffic. ATY, BON, BRT, CNS, CRP, DEF, INT, MAT, OFF, OTH, PRB, PYE, PYR, RTN, SPA, VCT, WTD, WTP. IN. Infraction Non-Traffic.

What do the case numbers mean in court?

The case number reflects the county, court type, court number, year and month of filing, case type and filing sequence.

What does CR mean?

AcronymDefinitionCRCopyrightCRCreditCRCosta RicaCRControlled Release (prescription drugs)224 more rows