The general terms and conditions below (the "Terms" or "CGS") apply to all Services (as further specified below and referred to as "Services" or individually "Service") provided by giafil Tullio Mariani headquartered in Chieti (CH), viale Abruzzo 241/D, Cap 66100, Italy (hereinafter "bumbaweb") through its website accessible to the domain (the "Site").
1) Description of services provided and obligations prior to the conclusion of the contract.
The services provided by bumbaweb are for consideration after the package chosen by the user.
All services offered by bumbaweb may only be used after registering online at by the user who has:
a) read the Information on the processing of personal data and consented to the processing of personal data;
b) accepted the present General Conditions of Contract;
c) accepted the terms and features of the Service intends to purchase (also known as TSO), in the case of Services which is expected to pay a fee to bumbaweb by the customer.
1.1) User registration.
E 'allowed to register only to users who, if individuals are given an age, according to national provisions identified in the same country of residence.
The system provides for the registration and purchase of suitable mechanisms for the correction of the data entered into the site before they are sent to bumbaweb.
2) Faculty of the service provider.
Bumbaweb reserves the right to change these Terms and to add, edit or remove, at its discretion and at any time, Services and / or content of the Site in the manner described below.
It does not affect the right to suspend or bumbaweb change at any time and without notice the terms of use of the free versions of Services, informing the site and via email to the user via the email address specified by him during the registration .
3) The rights and obligations of the user.
The user can check and print on any time the current text of the General Conditions to the page describing the service on the Site
You agree to print and save on paper or on a proper hard copy to the General Conditions, as well as confirmation of registration which will be promptly dispatched by bumbaweb by e-mail. And in case of purchase of the terms and features of the Service (also known as TSO)
4) Retention of personal and contractual data.
All contracts with bumbaweb users will be stored on the server bumbaweb, which reserves the right to take copies to interested parties who request them.
5) Language used in services.
The language in which the services are delivered in Italian.
6) standard to protect consumers.
If the user is an individual who requests the provision of the Service for purposes other than their own business or profession and be regarded, therefore, as a "consumer" within the meaning and the effects of the Decree. No 206, 6.9.2005 ("Consumer Code"), the same will apply the provisions of that Code, in addition to those generally applicable to the type of service provided by bumbaweb under the Decree. No 70 of 9.4.2003 on information society services and electronic commerce.
According to and for the purposes of articles. 7 and 12 of Decree. No 70, 9.4.2003, bumbaweb communicate to users the following information: the provider of the Services is subject to the Terms giafil Tullio Mariani headquartered in Chieti (CH), viale Abruzzo 241/D, Cap 66100, Italy P. IVA: 02077160691 ; email:
General Conditions (hereafter CG), the following terms have the meanings specified below:
- User:the registered user who has accepted the General Conditions for the purchase or proof of one or more services, assuming the rights and obligations described therein.
- Service: The service, provided by bumbaweb, through its website accessible at, consisting of a system, made available to you via the Internet, for creating, updating and delivery of a For Web Site Services refers to a variety of services related to creating and managing Web site and documents, including packages, including but not limited to: hosting service, online storage of files and documents. You may invoke the service through the use of a DNS address assigned to it, accessible through use of the Internet browser and connection to the Internet without the need to install additional programs.
- DNS Address: system used for name resolution of the network nodes (hosts in English) to IP addresses and vice versa. The internet suffixes such as. Com,. Com,. Eu,. Net,. Org,. Was. Biz and. Info is free.
Services - Hosting: bumbaweb space provided by and connected to the Internet through the DNS address of the user's properties.
- Web Site: set of one or more web pages, available on the Internet, through the Service, to a DNS address, User defined and acquired. For each DNS address designated by you is the purchase of a Website. Purchased by the User on the Site is owned by bumbaweb, while the use and the DNS address is owned by the user.
- Account: all personal data provided by you during registration and subsequently modified in part, in particular data that include username and password.
- Username or User ID or User ID: alphabetical or alphanumeric code that identifies you for the use of the Service.
- Password: alphabetical or alphanumeric code, user-generated and assigned to the same for the use of the Service.
- Download: operation consisting in the download to your computer files or documents on this Site
- Upload process: the inclusion of documents in the Web space and / or files, and / or images and / or text.
- CMS:content management system BumBaweb from which you can update the web site is easy and intuitive and allows you to manage content of your website, provides an interface to add, edit and delete content easily.
- Material / Content I / i: data, files, documents, information, news, scores, programs, data base, the user enters the Website in any form (text, graphics, image, sound, video, etc. numbers. ).
- Registration: procedure laid down in the site for account creation and collection of user data with esclicita acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
- Purchase: purchase of one or more of the Services by you by credit card or other payment provided for in the Site Acquisition is conditional upon completion of registration and the explicit acceptance of the Order of Service ("SO" ), integral and essential part of the General Conditions of Service ("GCS"). The GCS el'OdS establish the terms and conditions for the provision of services.
- Customer: a registered user to bumbaweb who made a purchase of a Service.
- Package / s: Type of service purchased by you. Each Package offers the opportunity to purchase the service for a year and is distinguished by: price and features of the Service as, but not limited to: The Web made available, the number of Directors of the Website, the maximum number of pages of the Website , presence or absence of additional services such as options, etc ...
- Option / s: optional services added to the Building Service Web Site, such as, but not limited to: Blog, RSS, etc ... Build website Services
- Privacy Code: Code for the Protection of Personal Data, approved by Decree. No 196 of 30.6.2003.
- Code of Consumption: Consumer Code, approved by Decree. No 206, 6.9.2005.
1. Acceptance conditions and definitions.
The premises are an integral part of this contract for the supply of services.
2.Trasferimento dominion over bumbaweb.
The user who owns a domain to another Mainteiner can use the services under this contract except with the prior transfer of the domain on bumbaweb, which will be subject to payment of the fee provided for in the package chosen by you.
Ownership of the site chosen by you is bumbaweb and, if the user wanted to transfer your site on another server and Maintainer, the contents of the Site will be deleted, and the DNS address will own it.
2.1. Registration and provision of the Services.
Once completed successfully registered, you will receive e-mail address specified therein a confirmation email, confirming you will receive by mail to the completion of any transaction procedures, including the description of the service or package you purchased, the ' Any cost of the rent and the detailed description of the Service.
2.2. Time service activation.
The release of Sevizio by bumbaweb will take place within a maximum of five working days from the time bumbaweb will receive notification of payment and the user will have completed transactions relating to purchase web space (especially the endings. com) and the last step in customizing the layout consisting of nell'upload Logo, Title, description and keywords.
2.3. Payment.
You can only pay by credit card and / or paypall and bank transfer.
3. Duration and withdrawal.
3.1. These CGS have indefinite period, unlike the agreements relating to individual Services which term will be indicated in the relative SO.
3.2. Except as provided in paragraph 3.3, the user is "Consumer" under the Consumer Code will have the right freely to withdraw from the purchase within ten working days after the conclusion of the contract. The withdrawal must be exercised by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent to giafil Tullio Mariani headquartered in Chieti (CH), viale Abruzzo 241/D, Cap 66100, Italy.The withdrawal will be sent within ten days mentioned above, also by e-mail us at:, provided that the cancellation is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 48 hours.
3.3. The withdrawal is excluded under Article. 55, paragraph 2, letter a) of the Consumer Code when you purchase a package that includes the Domain Name Registration Service, where the user requires this service before the expiry of the period referred to in paragraph 3.2. In the event of termination in accordance with paragraph 3.2, bumbaweb will refund to you any sums paid by the Service as consideration, as soon as possible and no later than 30 days from the date it learned of the withdrawal.
3.4. Each purchase is time-limited and will be valid for the period of use of the Service specifically indicated in its description on the type of services, which is 1 year.
3.5.If the user does not intend to use the service for the duration agreed upon, bumbaweb has the right to suspend immediately and definitively the Service, following a request to that effect sent by the user in the manner and to the email : excluding any User's right to a refund of amounts paid.
3.6 The Service may terminate the day following the end of the period agreed under contract during the purchase and the site will therefore completely removed with no possibility of being recovered. Any domain related to the site will no longer be purchased and available bumbaweb not guarantee that it can be renewed as it may no longer be available. bumbaweb may still decide at its discretion not to immediately cancel the customer's site at the end of the service, keeping it online for a further period but in no case exceed 60 days from the date of expiration period after which the site will be permanently deleted. During this period the customer's site will no longer be updated or modified in any way.During this period the User can renew at any time the Service for one year following the renewal procedure specifically provided for in the Site, the terms and technical and economic conditions that will be indicated in the types of services offered by bumbaweb in force at the time of renewal of the Service.
bumbaweb has no duty to warn its customers of the expiry of the term of service, or the cancellation or obscuration of the customer's site. bumbaweb therefore not assume any responsibility if the service ended without the customer has completed the renewal.
E 'then paid by the customer responsibility to verify the expiry of the service.
4. Registration, Username and Password.
4.1. Registration requires the inclusion of information required to be treated in accordance with the Privacy Code. In completing the registration process, the User agrees to provide their personal data accurately and truthfully.In particular, it is required that the e-mail correspond to reality, as necessary to receive information from bumbaweb use of the Services and / or any changes thereto. The User also agrees to promptly update the personal data provided in the entry so that it is constantly updated, complete and truthful.
4.2. If the User communicates inexact or incomplete data, bumbaweb reserves the right not to activate and / or suspend the Service until the User rectifies these errors. bumbaweb reserves this right even if the relevant bodies (eg. banks or issuers of credit cards) contest the payments made by you.
4.3. Upon registration the User must choose a username (or User ID) and Password. You have the right to change the password countless times and free of charge by following the instructions given in its Website. You acknowledge that the Username and Password are the validation of user access to the Services and which are the only adequate means to legitimize the user to access the Services.You therefore agree and acknowledge that all acts performed through use of User ID and password assigned to it shall be binding on him. You agree to assume any responsibility to bumbaweb or any third party for any action taken by User ID and password assigned to it. You must keep your User ID and Password in the strictest confidence and keep the same with utmost diligence.
4.4. You agree to communicate as quickly as possible bumbaweb, in writing, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (or by email to the email address provided below within the next 48 hours from ' registered letter a / r) at giafil Tullio Mariani headquartered in Chieti (CH), viale Abruzzo 241/D, Cap 66100, Italy, i) any use of their web sites, through unauthorized use of passwords Username and assigned to it, ii) any unauthorized use of username and password assigned to it, iii) any other breach of security relating to the Services or the Website that you become aware of them.bumbaweb undertakes, as a result of that communication by you, to immediately disable the Password object of the breach of secrecy.
5. Consideration of the service and payment method.
5.1. Each service requires the user to the payment of the consideration provided for it in the types of services offered by bumbaweb in force at the time of purchase. The consideration of the renewal of the Service will be indicated in the types of services offered by bumbaweb in force at the time of renewal of the Service. Contracts between the Client and bumbaweb for the individual Services are considered concluded at the time of receipt by bumbaweb payment of fees for the Services.
5.2. Unless specifically stated otherwise, the proceeds of the Services are inclusive of VAT (20%) and net of any charges by law.
5.3. Bumbaweb reserves the right to make promotional offers at any time, which will be highlighted and advertised on the Site, in which case it must comply with the conditions and terms therein. These offers may be reserved for all users or only to certain types of users.These promotions may have a limited duration and may be revoked at any time by bumbaweb, unless prior acceptance of the User.
5.4. You may pay the fee payable by credit card or bank transfer, in the manner specified in the Site best credit card data will be kept in a special database and will be kept under the terms prescribed by the Privacy and the maximum period allowed by law.
5.5. Following the payment bumbaweb will send the address given by you in the master appropriate invoice for payment. bumbaweb reserves the right to send invoices electronically to the email address provided at registration or purchase.
5.6. All tax liabilities arising from the use of the Services by you will be the sole responsibility of the latter.
6. Modification of the General Conditions and of the properties listed in the types of services offered by bumbaweb.
6.1.Bumbaweb reserves the right to modify at any time the General Conditions and the terms and specifications given in the types of services offered through the General Notices to Users published on the website or by communicating via e-mail to you with an indication of the effective date of of these changes, which must be at least 30 days later than that of communication bumbaweb.
6.2. Where the amendments referred to in section 6.1 lead to a significant reduction in services provided, the user has the right to cancel the contract within 15 days of receipt of the notification referred to in paragraph 6.1 above, in the manner set out in paragraph 3.2 , being entitled to the refund of amounts corresponding to the period of remaining life of the Service agreed to when it was exercised their right of withdrawal. After the period aforesaid, the changes will be deemed accepted by you and fully binding on him.
6.3. The provisions of paragraphs 6.1 and 6.2 shall not apply to you that it is the consumer, if the amendments of the General Conditions is not due to justified reasons set out in notice to you.In such event, you the consumer will be entitled to the application of the General Conditions and other contractual terms and economic force in the time of purchase to maturity of the service originally agreed upon.
6.4. The General Conditions will remain valid even if bumbaweb should change its rule and / or brand and / or your name and / or be affected by extraordinary transactions with other entities or companies (but not limited to, merger , cleavage, processing, sale or transfer of company). In particular, bumbaweb may at any time amend its rule.
7. Suspension of service.
7.1. Bumbaweb reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without prior notice, the Services for the time necessary for the technical portions and / or desirable to improve the quality of these services.
7.2. Bumbaweb may at any time discontinue providing the Service where it fulfills motivated reasons of safety or violations of confidentiality, in this case by giving notice to you.
7.3. Without the application of Article.13, bumbaweb reserves the right to immediately and definitively the Service to you, as a result of subsequent inspections pursuant to paragraph 9.8, it appears to have violated Articles. 8, 9 and 12 of the General Conditions.
8. URLs and Domains.
8.1. With regard to the creation and use of domains (URL) of a second level of the type It etc. .. that may be activated or used by you, does not guarantee that bumbaweb "sitename" is free and / or unusable.
8.2. It 'also is expressly forbidden to use the user names ("sitename") to show: an offensive term, a term too vague (but not limited to: web, Rome, info, webmaster, staff, etc. ..), A term not related to the site linked to it, a term or pornographic in any way related or connected to the field of pornography or confidential material to an adult audience, a name or a surname different from that of the user is creating Web Site (as indicated by first and last name when registering) a brand or a logo or trademark or a patent or a name other than the company or organization for which you are activating the Website and otherwise declared Recorded at and for which we can prove the ownership of the brand, mark or designation used without violating the rights of third parties.
8.3. In the event of a breach of paragraph 8.2, bumbaweb reserves the sole right to disable the Service at any time, delete any content in this website in question.
8.4. BumBaweb only works with DNS addresses. The internet suffixes such as .com, .com, .eu, .net, .org, .biz and .info are free. For the remaining Internet suffixes, & egrave; You can buy them from any provider.
9.Duty and responsibility.
9.1. The User assumes sole responsibility for all its activities within the Services and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless bumbaweb from any claims, demands or threats relating to or arising from the use or misuse of the Services.
9.2. The user agrees to employ bumbaweb for lawful purposes and in accordance with law, regulations, usages and customs and not to use bumbaweb for example:
a) send unsolicited and unwanted third party;
b) make an exchange or publish information or file or documents against morals and public order or designed to offend, or harm, directly or indirectly benefiting from the information or third party, or in a manner and / or content that is offensive, abusive, defamatory, or otherwise likely to contravene directly or indirectly to the Italian laws or any other state;
c) unlawfully processed personal data to third parties.
9.3 The User warrants the originality of any material in any form or entered in the Web Hosting Web Site through your Account.You also ensure that all materials placed in the web space or on the Website using your account is legitimate in its availability.
9.4. The User assumes any and wider responsibility for the operations of downloads that would make using the Services and Materials subject to upload to the web space available to it.
9.5. Is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate termination of the Service and / or cancellation of the Web Site of the actions and activities that include, without setting a limit, inclusion on the Web Site and / or web space and / or in all other contexts bumbaweb prepared by interactive content with reference to:
- Child pornography and / or sexual, or obscene in nature relating to prostitution;
- Material that infringes copyrights and copyright of others, pirated software ("warez, CRACK"), music files, images, video;
- Defamatory or offensive to anyone, including expressions of bigotry, racism, hate, profanity or threats;
- A material that promotes or provides information that illegal activities or that may cause injury to others;
- Software, information or other material that contains software viruses or harmful components;
- Initiatives related to gambling, contests, games that require participation for consideration in the absence of authorizations required by law;
- Material not suitable for children under 18 years;
- Sale or promotion of products or services prohibited by law;
- Material or activity that, in general, violate or encourage them to violate any provision of law or regulations for the protection of individuals or even a provision legitimately issued by the authority.
9.6. As for domains (URLs) you agree also to respect the rules of Netiquette available at
9.7. The User guarantees that he will not spamming, or sending via e-mail communication is not authorized, requested and / or solicited by the recipients.bumbaweb remember that this practice is prohibited not only by the rules of Netiquette by law 196/03 on privacy. bumbaweb also stresses that the Member is deemed liable even if the illegal spamming activity is carried out through e-mail addresses other than those acquired by bumbaweb and also indirectly involves a service or the hotel directly bumbaweb bumbaweb technique (eg unauthorized promotion of website hosted by bumbaweb).
9.8. You acknowledge that bumbaweb reserves the right to access, at any time and without notice to the Web Site and Web space in order to verify compliance with the terms and conditions. bumbaweb reserves the right to terminate the Service immediately if, in its sole discretion, even after being notified of others, it believes have been breached the terms and conditions. You acknowledge that bumbaweb, in compliance with its obligations under mandatory law, can deliver the material placed on the Web Site or Web Space and / or disclose the contents to the competent authorities.bumbaweb is expressly authorized to enter the Website with all appropriate warnings about the lack of any connection between the user and bumbaweb or activity carried on by the same through the Web Site
9.9. You grant to bumbaweb and its business partners personal license, unrestricted, irrevocable, royalty-free license to transmit and publicly distribute the Web Site and the Materials contained therein consistent with the purposes of the Services.
9.10. You are legally responsible and liable for the contents of the Web Site Content inputting the Website, You agree to abide by the terms and conditions.
9.11. The User undertakes to use the content management system bumbaweb exclusively as computerized global sharing and data exchange, and not as a database for archival purposes.
9.12. The user agrees to maintain adequate computer support in the Materials placed in your Web Space
9.13.In the case of intranet module the user can interact with third parties via the Website, giving them the right to view and / or download the content through the use of a password and a username assigned directly by the user.
9.14. If bumbaweb is a recipient of legal action on the initiative of third parties relating to the activities carried out or how to use the Services by a user, expressly agree to indemnify and hold harmless bumbaweb from any claim, action or related to injurious effect ' legal action, and commit to pay all expenses and to pay any direct and / or indirectly suffered by reason of the above initiatives bumbaweb giudiriarie.The User also undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless bumbaweb from any and all liability and consequential losses, damages, costs and expenses suffered and / or incurred by third parties arising from the use of its Web Site and / or space in a Web not consistent with the obligation provided by the General Conditions by navigators or third parties which had allowed the use of its Web Site and / or Web Space, including any legal costs that may be incurred by bumbaweb, even in cases of damages claimed by third parties for any reason.
9.15. You assume all liability for any damage or harm that could be caused to themselves or to others by the disclosure, theft, unauthorized transmission of materials that he or others have placed in your Web Site and / or Web Space
9.16. You agree to receive email communications from bumbaweb as part of the Service.bumbaweb use the e-mail only to inform you about the specifications and terms of service, to make it aware of any problems on the Site, any changes to the Service and to communicate promotional offers computer users the full bumbaweb respect of the Consumer Code and the Code of Privacy.
10. Storage.
10.1. The User acknowledges and accepts the existence of log files and the use of cookies, related to the Service, generated and / or preserved by bumbaweb in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, for the period of time allowed by law. The contents of the Log is confidential and may be entered by bumbaweb only at the request of the competent authorities in accordance with the legislation.
10.2. You acknowledge and agree that bumbaweb have the right to store the material and disclose to third parties where this is required by law or by the Authority or is necessary to:
i) comply with legal process;
ii) to give effect to the General Conditions;
iii) respond to claims that any material violates the rights of others;
iv) protect the rights, property or safety requirements bumbaweb and its users.
11. Duties and responsibilities of bumbaweb.
11.1. The use of the Services is entirely at your own risk. Bumbaweb no warranties and makes no promise of quality, proper functioning of the Services or fitness for a particular purpose or a result set by you.
11.2. Bumbaweb is in no way responsible for any damages resulting inaccessibility to the Services and / or hosted websites or delays, malfunction, suspension and / or interruption - or to the User or third party directly or indirectly related to ' user himself - in the delivery of the Service caused by:
i) virus propagated by third parties, data theft caused by third parties;
ii) tampering or unauthorized intervention by the User or any third party on the Site or the Service or the equipment used by bumbaweb;
iii) tampering or interventions on wireless devices, which fall in availability of the User, made by him or by unauthorized third parties;
iv) the incorrect use of the Service User;
v) failure of the equipment utilized by the connection.
11.3. Bumbaweb not responsible for any damages, claims or losses, direct or indirect, for loss caused to the user and / or malfunctioning of the eBay User or of third parties, including Internet Service Providers, telephone and / or computer not managed by bumbaweb or people with which it is responsible or otherwise attributable to causes outside the sphere of the company's control, including, without limitation, fire, natural disasters, lack of energy, lack of telephone lines or other suppliers of network services, malfunctioning of computers and other electronic devices, also not an integral part of the Internet.
11.4.You acknowledge that the activity of bumbaweb is to store the information they provide or the activities actually carried out by using the Website and in accordance with art. 16 of Legislative Decree no. No 70, 2003, it is not aware of any unlawful activity or information and is not required to know or control the content placed Bumbaweb Space Web is in no way responsible for the content and opinions of paid services or less and any advertising on the pages of Web sites, it 'the actual existence, distribution and delivery of services or products offered by its users' compliance and / or quality of goods or services sold, marketed, advertised as free of charge or through the Web Sites
11.5. Bumbaweb assumes no liability for any damage or harm that might come to you or any third party as a result of the download on your computer or other material of any kind available on the Websites that are not directly provided by bumbaweb.
11.6.Bumbaweb is in no way responsible for any damages arising from loss to shippers and / or alteration of the contents of the Websites or Materials on the subject of Web Space Upload
11.7. Subject to the provisions of paragraph 10.2, bumbaweb not responsible for the preservation and storage of materials placed in the web space and the User undertakes to keep the same in suitable carrier media.
11.8. Bumbaweb undertakes to adopt all the tools to protect materials that are consistent with state of the art and technology and to constantly update themselves, so as to ensure maximum security and privacy can use the Service to You .
12. Industrial and intellectual property rights.
The User agrees that all rights of intellectual and industrial property, protectable under the rules relating to copyright law (Title IX of Book V of c, Art. 2575-2594 cc, as well as Law No. 633 / 1941, as amended by Legislative Decree. No 169/1999) and / or the Industrial Property Code, approved by Legislative Decree no. 2/10/2005 No30, or other measures, to protect, for the sake of example, know-how, source code, software, hardware, projects, applications, patents, trade secrets, formulas, algorithms, models, databases and the like, and to the Services, data and other materials from bumbaweb or otherwise made available to User by bumbaweb under the General Conditions remain the exclusive property of bumbaweb, which grants you non-transferable and non-exclusive license for the 'use of the Services under the general conditions, it being understood that in any case, you may not copy, modify, sell, assign, sublicense, give or transfer to third parties or create derivative works from any industrial property rights and intellectual bumbaweb , will allow third parties to do so by either you or your computer, even without his knowledge.
13.Clausola express termination.
Bumbaweb reserves the right to terminate the contract of law relating to the Service, pursuant to and for the purposes of article art.1456 ccBy written notice, even in advance by mail, to be confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt in the event of failure of even only one of the obligations contained in Articles 8., 9. and 12. of the General Conditions, except for the User's right to a refund of amounts paid as consideration for the Service. E 'except, in each case, the right to compensation for any damage suffered.
14. Law and Jurisdiction.
14.1. The General Conditions are governed by Italian law.
14.2. For any dispute concerning the interpretation and application of the rules contained in this agreement shall be the court of Chieti.
14.3. Disputes concerning the interpretation and application of the rules contained in this agreement will be decided by an arbitration board established pursuant to art. 806 ff. cpc
15. Communications.
15.1. All notices required by the General Conditions must be submitted in writing in any form and also by email, except where otherwise provided, to:
- giafil Tullio Mariani headquartered in Chieti (CH), viale Abruzzo 241/D, Cap 66100, Italy, email:;
- User to residence or domicile, or fax or email address notified in the membership application, or subsequently modified and communicated to bumbaweb address above.
15.2. You must report any irregularities, anomalies or malfunctions of the Service by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, even in advance by mail, within 48 (forty-eight) hours from the time when such irregularities are detected. Failure to report in the manner and terms described above raises bumbaweb any liability if a timely notice would have allowed to remedy the deficiencies and / or to prevent or substantially reduce the damages by the same derivatives.
16. Assistance.
16.1. The Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and not subject to any suspension for maintenance, in which case bumbaweb undertakes to restore any service interruptions as quickly as possible.
16.2.Support for users of the Services is done via email from 9.30 to 18.00 on weekdays only, and is guaranteed only in the event of purchasing packages, involving the purchase of the Form of custom care. Bumbaweb is obliged to respond on weekdays, within 48 (forty-eight) hours from receipt of mail by the user.

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